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"Institutional" work is yet another classification where our professional services can be utilized. We have the experience and knowledge it takes to work with these types of projects, keeping them on schedule and on budget. We have worked with several municipalities and / or general contractors with this kind of work. These types of projects mainly consist of, but are not limited to, correctional facilities, hospitals / health care clinics, schools, libraries, or other government buildings. Whether it be a small office remodel or a new building, the professionals at Rucinsky's Painting & Decorating, LLC can help. Some of these jobs are what is known as "white sheet" jobs - where the state sets the pay level of our employees. It should be noted that we have a 100% clean track record with the state and have never been on the "barred contractors" lists. For more information or a free quote, please contact us to see if we can help with your project.